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I'm your personal trainer, nutrition and culinary coach all in one. I am here to help with guidance, direction, advice, and accountability to keep you on track. 

My background includes certification as: 

  • Personal Trainer- American Council on Exercise 

  • Nutrition Coach- Precision Nutrition 

  • Executive Chef- American Culinary Federation

I help my clients move more, and eat with intention, developing one small positive habit at a time, to achieve their over all health goals. These goals may include: 

  • weight management 

  • healthy eating

  • fitness (such as mobility, balance fall prevention, agility, strength and endurance)

We will train together, shop together, cook together and  

sometimes overcome struggles together! It will be work, and a journey, but together we will create a healthy lifestyle you can live with.


Building good habits that work within your lifestyle is what we will do together. 

  • We will focus on healthy lifestyle changes and simple daily habits to reverse the inevitable effects of a busy lifestyle.  

  • I do this without elaborate exercise equipment, time consuming calorie counting, or tedious food journals.

  • I'm happy to work with your current health providers as requested to support compliance with their prescribed diet plans through culinary coaching and personal training.

You are the definitive expert on YOU!

You chose the path, I help with the journey.

My coaching approach is collaborative. This means I take the time to fully understand your lifestyle, and together we develop a plan, and daily habits that work best for you. 

You will eat foods you choose, adapted to meet your nutritional goals. You won't have to give up your favorite foods, or family recipes. We will make it work within your complicated schedule and time restrictions. If you are following a diet plan you are happy with, I can help with compliance and provide culinary guidance. 

Don’t cook much?  

Fine, we will develop a plan focusing on healthy take out and prepared foods.

This is where having an experienced Culinary health coach comes in! I meet you where you are, and help you achieve your goals (and make them taste good!). 

Physical Fitness is equally important. We will create a fitness plan and train together.

You may have a home gym, or simply a small section in the family room for fitness training. We will make it work with a plan that meets you at your  fitness level, designed for your lifestyle.

In addition to your workouts, I will help you to create habits to move more, in a fun way, throughout your day.

As your coach, I will provide guidance and accountability to keep you on track as you practice mindful eating and a more active lifestyle.

Coaching is primarily done through weekly virtual or in  person sessions. 



It all begins with two comprehensive and detailed assessments. We delve into the factors that affect your ability to exercise, eat with intention, and the daily obstacles you face. I will request a virtual tour of your kitchen and storage, as well as a glimpse of your designated fitness practice area. We will then formulate a basic plan to conduct virtual personal training sessions and virtual kitchen sessions for culinary support.

The next step typically involves a body composition analysis to determine your fitness level and starting point. Subsequently, we will schedule weekly coaching and fitness sessions in your home. Our weekly meetings will cover personal training, health coaching, diet and nutritional plan support, and culinary coaching – spanning from shopping to cooking.

During certain instances, we will communicate via phone while you are shopping and frequently collaborate through text. I am your coach, assisting you every step of the way. Gradually, we will practice small daily habits tailored to fit seamlessly into the constraints of your unique lifestyle. This is the essence of a deep health approach to coaching – providing expertise, support, and accountability. You decide what aligns with your preferences and time availability to bring it all to fruition.

My coaching approach is collaborative, meaning I take the time to thoroughly understand your lifestyle and offer you options to choose the path and practices that suit you best. After all, you are the definitive expert on YOU! You choose the path, and I assist you on the journey.

A Message from a Happy Move Mor Client

Marcia Catalano

Scott is a very engaging and caring individual who knows a great deal about how  our bodies work and how to keep them doing what they are designed to do. Balance  exercises and strength training are front and center in my sessions with some  additional conversations as to how our bodies can function at their best with proper  eating habits. Eating appropriate foods and learning how best to prepare them go  hand in hand with being healthy. The information I have received in our times  together is enabling me to confidently move forward in aging. (I will be 80 in April.)  Scott has a genuine interest in my well-being and has offered suggestions to deal  with any physical problems I might be experiencing. I am a very happy client!  
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